Brigette Atlas-Callahan and Kristin Madej-Warham

Buffalo Heritage Press

Buffalo From A to Z: Come Take a Tour With Me

Kristin Madej-Warham and Brigette Atlas-Callahan have been writing together since 2002, starting in a little coffee shop on Elmwood Avenue. The two women are friends, mothers, and literacy specialists in the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District, and of course, they are proud Buffalonians! Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, they share a passion for writing. This passion led to an idea to highlight what a phenomenal place Buffalo is to live. They enlisted the talents of local artist Bill Janowski who has worked in the Children’s entertainment industry for many years, to create the character Bob Uffallo. Bob became the perfect guide to take kids on a tour around the city they love. With Bill, and the help of designer Mel Zakraysek, Buffalo From A to Z, Come Take a Tour With Me came to life. The team created a book bursting with history and pride, and Kristin and Brigette were able to fulfill their dream of bringing  their love of Buffalo to the hearts of children

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