Meet Our Interns: Spring 2019

Emmanuel Abdulai, 19

University/college: Houghton College Buffalo

Hometown: Born in West Africa, The Gambia to be specific. I grew up in Orchard Park, New York however.

Major: English

Minor: undecided!

Why he wants to intern at a publishing house:

 I wish to learn more about the scene! I want nothing more than to be an author of my own that when I was offered the opportunity to join the publishing house, I was ecstatic. Though I understand the fact that these are different areas, learning about the process that my story will one day go through is really interesting.

That, as well as the fact that I just really, really like the place.I’ve never felt so at home before so quickly, and that’s thanks to our extremely kind publishers.

What he’s working on for the press:

I’m doing whatever I can to help out at the press! So far I’ve had the privilege of pitching ideas for when certain books will be announced,

I’ve helped Hannah (the director of marketing and publicity) locate who we’d be marketing to, and I’ve gathered information neatly for Marti’s (the publisher) use. Just anything I can do to help, and I really enjoy it.

Not only that, but I’ve had so many learning opportunities myself, not only about pulling but both Hannah and Marti. give wonderful life advice and guidance as well, I kinda see them as mentors!

Favorite book: Throne of Glass! Awesome creative fantasy story that I would recommend to any fantasy lover/enthusiast out there, even people that would have a slight interest.

What he’s reading right now: The  School of Good and Evil: The Last Ever After

It’s a world of fairy tales, and the reader gets to enjoy a new budding fairy tale from both the protagonist and antagonist’s views. It’s really creative and riveting. I’d also recommend this.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, playing games and watching shows really. All  four of those constantly surround me with stories. Stories I enjoy and love.

Dream job: Successful Author!

Charlotte Ellis-Chamberlain, 19

University/college: Medaille College 

Hometown: Buffalo, NY 

Major: Communications 

Minor: Creative Writing, Philosophy

Why she wanted to intern at a publishing house: 

I’ve always been interested in books and what goes into getting them into the public eye. I’m the type of person that loves seeing a finished product, but I’m also fascinated by the development of it. 

What she’s working on for the press: 

I am a video production intern, so I’m mainly working on book trailers for the books. But all in all, I go where I am needed. 

Favorite book: Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

What she’s reading right now:Written In Red by Anne Bishop 

Hobbies: Writing has always been a favorite activity of mine if I’m feeling active, but for relaxing, reading is great or watching a good show. 

Dream job: Writing professionally as a fantasy/fiction author has always been a dream of mine. 

Danielle Lipford, 19

University/college: Medaille College

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Major: Communications

Minor: Creative Writing

Why she wanted to intern at a publishing house:

My biggest dream in life is to become an established author and then turn my books into movies. Internships are required for me to graduate, and I only plan on doing internships that pertain to my passions. My first internship had to do with film so now I needed to do an internship that involved books. There is no better place to work with books then at a publishing house.

What she’s working on for the press:

I currently am working on book trailers for their up and coming books. My main focus is The Alekizou and His Terrible Library Plot until the weather is nice. Once we actually can see the sun I will begin working on Buffalo from A to Z, Come Take a Tour With Me.

Favorite book: This is tough but it’s a toss-up between The Outsiders and Copper Sun.

What she’s reading right now: The Throne of Glass Series. The last 3 books haven’t failed to make me cry and I’m fully prepared to read the newest book with a box of tissues at hand.

Hobbies: Other than writing and film work, I love dancing, exploring new places, and spontaneous adventures.

Dream job: My dream job is to become an author and a filmmaker.

Want to learn how an independent press works and be apart of the behind-the-scenes book action? We accept interns on a rolling basis. Submit a resume and cover letter to Hannah Gordon ( or tell someone who you think would benefit!

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