Nancy Turgeon

Buffalo Heritage

The Alekizou and His Terrible Library Plot

Nancy Turgeon’s unending imagination started early. Favorite dolls were named Dorbitis and Dorbano. She majored in Creative Writing at Ohio Wesleyan University. At age 27, she co-founded her own ad agency, The Creative Express, long before it was “polite” for women to become business owners.

Now in retirement, “It’s time to publish for myself,” she laughs. So Alekizou was born from an assignment from her second-grade teacher who challenged the class to find words that didn’t use vowels. Nancy has been President of her own agency in Buffalo and an agency in Rochester, New York. She served as President of Professional Communicators of Western New York and Advertising Women of Buffalo, is winner of the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal Award for advancement of the field of Advertising and has won more than 160 awards for Communications Excellence.

And oh yes… she owns a puppet theater with more than 100 puppets! (That’s Nancy with characters Draculina, Hairy Scary and That Bat!)

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