Prospective Authors

We are very excited that you are thinking about publishing with Buffalo Heritage.

In order to be considered, please email the following information to

  • A cover letter briefly outlining your project, the intended audience (including age ranges).
  •  A chapter-by-chapter outline.
  • At least two sample chapters. (If a full manuscript is available, you may send it.)
  • A brief biography.  Have you been previously published? Do you have a blog or have you   kept a journal? (Don’t worry, we won’t ask to read the journal…)

We look forward to working with you!

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Publishing is a process, one which requires a broad range of skill sets. Vet few individuals possess all of the skills needed to take a book from concept to bookstores and into the hands of readers.


  • BASIC EDIT- Professional grammar hawks comb through your manuscript line by line to weed out errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, style and syntax.
  • ADVANCED EDIT-After the basic edit, one of our experienced editors will take a deeper look into your manuscript and offer assistance with content, including style, structure, plot and pace. Non Fiction manuscripts are also subjected to rigorous fact checking.


  • A final review of your manuscript to ensure that it is error free and ready for publication.


  • INTERIOR DESIGN- Our book designer will work to ensure your book’s interior layout is well organized, attractive, and consistent with the printers file submission parameters.
  • COVER DESIGN- We are all guilty of judging a book by its cover occasionally. Fortunately, with a well-designed front cover, this isn’t a problem. One of our excellent designers will create a professional and eye-catching cover that effectively represents your book to potential readers. The back cover design is just as important as the front cover, it entices the reader to open the book and (hopefully) purchase it.


  • Nonfiction books will be indexed utilizing indexing tools and indexing professionals, providing an accurate and easy to use access to the book’s content.

In every author contract, Buffalo Heritage Press will check off a list of ‘deliverables’. Not every box will be checked, but only those that are required for the book. Every check means that Buffalo Heritage Press will deliver that service in the publishing process. The list of deliverables includes:

  • Concept clarification
  • Content editing
  • Fact-checking
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Scanning
  • Translation
  • Book design (dimensions/shape)
  • ISBN assignment
  • Collateral design and development
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Control
  • Distribution
  • Fulfillment
  • Editorial development/story pitches
  • Front cover design
  • back cover design
  • text template development
  • line edit (to style sheet)
  • Proofreading
  • Print Project mangagement
  • Pricing
  • Indexing
  • E-book design and submission
  • Pre-sales
  • Review copy submissions
  • Book launch
  • Book Signings
  • Sales tax payment and control
  • Marketing campaigns








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POD is an abbreviation for Print On Demand. It’s a printing technology/business model that relies on digital printing


Copies of a book are not printed until an order is received. Orders can be for one copy or hundreds of copies, and the cost per unit to print does not vary significantly.

How it Works:

Experienced designers format your edited and proofed manuscript to very specific industry parameters. You approve a preliminary PDF and a Production Proof, which is a bound book. Once approved, books are printed only when an order is placed for the number of copies needed.


One of the biggest advantages of the POD method is that you only print the number of copies you need. With traditional offset printing, you must print mass quantities to keep the per unit cost reasonable, leaving you with a huge printer bill and the need to store pallets of books while you attempt to sell enough books to cover these costs and get rid of the pallets.

Another bonus is that the books Printed On Demand by Buffalo Heritage are listed in the Ingram databases used by most libraries as well as almost all independent bookstores. Your book is thus available for direct purchase by libraries and independent bookstores across the country.

POD is an economical way to handle many titles.

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Short Run-Full Color is a printing technology/business model that relies on digital printing, rather than offset printing. Because this process is entirely digital, there is no costs associated with printer set-up.


Unlike Print On Demand, Short Run Full Color allows for many different dimensions and many different types of stock paper, for both the interior and cover pages. This printing process allows more options for the shape of the book and what types of paper you’re printing on. Books can be printed on 100-pound coated stock paper, which improves the quality and appearance of both images and text.

Another bonus of Short Run Full Color is the ability to split a press run between hardcover and softcover, which helps to keep costs down. This is also available through POD, however, there is a surcharge associated.

Advanced equipment also can differentiate between color and black and white images and estimate a price based on a variable pricing system. This is another way to keep costs down without sacrificing the quality of the book.

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  • One page press release, to be distributed to local media & pertinent national sources.


  • BASIC- (Included in contract) Send out 3 books for review to appropriate sources. *Please note, we cannot guarantee a review with this service.*
  • DEDICATED- (Price varies) We send our books to be reviewed by a well-respected industry specific review service. We work with you to match the service to the genre and sales goals of the book.

COLLATERAL MATERIALS– $400 for package, available individually as well.

  • Beautiful Bookmarks – 200 bookmarks with your books front cover, as well as a brief blurb about your book and a QR code to lead to the page on the Buffalo Heritage website. $250
  •  Postcard Invitations- 100 Postcard invitations for launch or signing events. $175


  •  2 book signings.
  • 2 author interviews/speaking engagements.
  • 1 professionally managed launch.

    Visit our Facebook page to see how our authors are promoted through this channel.


  •  Author page on our website. (included in contract)
  •  Front page “ featured book”.- $25
  • Use of Buffalo Heritage’s social media to raise awareness of events & book. (included in contract)

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