A Star-Crossed Life: A Memoir


A memoir by Andy Anselmo

Andy Anselmo’s memoir recounts his glorious rise from juvenile performer in the cafes and cabarets of Buffalo, in upstate New York, to his current status as New York’s premier teacher of singing to serious professionals. From recollections of his warm and supportive Italian-American family to anecdotes on his singing and teaching careers (his list of acolytes includes show business luminaries such as Tony Bennett, Liza Minnelli, Eartha Kitt, Brooke Shields, Mandy Patinkin, and Regis Philbin), Anselmo’s life journey is a fascinating read.

231 pages

ISBN: 9780533149261


About the author…

Andy Anselmo was born in Buffalo, New York, and studied voice at what is now Buffalo’s Community Music School. During World War II he did a full-time program for Armed Forces Radio while attending Canisius College in Buffalo. From there, he attended the New England Conservagtory of Music in Boston and learned the secrets of the bel canto technique from the great William L. Whitney. He founded the Singers Forum in New York City and continues to enjoy, a long, distinguished and satisfying career teaching voice to performers all over the world. A Star-Crossed Life: A Memoir is the story of his wonderful journey.

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