Albright: The Life and Times of John J. Albright


A Biography by Mark Goldman

149 pages (softcover/hardcover)

The fascinating story of the elusive man who brought steel to Buffalo, harnessed the power of Niagara Falls, and gave Buffalo its most treasured gift, the Albright Art Gallery. To tell this compelling tale required a long and circuitous journey, from small town archives to big city libraries, tracking down Albright descendents in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts to sift through the many layers of mystery which have for so long shrouded this enigmatic man. The result is a beautiful, illustrated biography of industrialist and philanthropist John J. Albright, one which reveals the remarkable story of a man and the turn-of-the-century city in which he lived. Exquisite photographs by Susan Fuller Albright bring to life this extraordinary man and his family.

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ISBN: 978-1-942483-34-2 (softcover)

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About the author…

The publication of ALBRIGHT: The Life and Times of John J. Albright celebrates Mark Goldman’s 50th year as a citizen of Buffalo. A historian, he is the author of City on the Edge, City on the Lake, and High Hopes. Tracking down the tale of John J. Albright took him on a two-year, circuitous journey from small town archives to big city libraries. Telling that tale has been a labor of love.


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  1. Staff

    “Goldman has written about Buffalo’s history in “City on the Lake” and “City on the Edge,” and he brings an historian’s eye to the job of conjuring up Buffalo’s early days and the people like Albright whose industry and ingenuity helped the city grow by leaps and bounds. Old maps and photographs aid in bringing that time period into view.” -Mark Sommer, The Buffalo News

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