An Outrider’s Anthology: Poetry in Buffalo 1969-1979 and After


Operating in Buffalo, NY from 1969 to 1979 as a poetry reading series and since then as a small press, The Outriders Poetry Project has over the years featured more than 130 writers including: Ansie Baird, Charles Baxter, Marvin Bell, Robert Bly, Michael Casey, Jack Clarke, Albert S. Cook, Robert Creeley, Carl Dennis, Phil Dow, Cornelius Eady, Ray Federman, Alan Feldman, Irving Feldman, José-Angel Figueroa, Mike Finn, Allen Ginsberg, Ann Goldsmith, Mac Hammond, Lee Harwood, Robert Hass, Anselm Hollo, David Ignatow, Erica Jong, Shirley Kaufman, Judith Kerman, Jack Kerouac, Milton Kessler, Carolyn Kizer, John Logan, Felipe Luciano, Morton Marcus, Steve McCaffery, Dan Murray, Joan Murray, Pol Ndu, bpNichol, J.F. Nims, Tony Petrosky, Pedro Pietri, R.D. Pohl, Carlene Polite, A. Poulin, Jarold Ramsey, Shreela Ray, Sherry Robbins, Louis Simpson, William Stafford, Gerald Stern, Bill Sylvester, Andrew Taylor, C.W. Truesdale, Rosmarie Waldrop, Max Wickert, John Wieners, Al Young, Harriett Zinnes.


This retrospective anthology includes work by these and more than fifty others. An Introduction by Outriders founder-director Max Wickert gives an overview of the eclectic literary environment in Buffalo that nurtured the Project. An Appendix provides a complete “Outriders Roster,” with the names and main achievements of these writers, and the dates and nature of their contributions to the Project.

240 pp
ISBN 978-0-9841772-8-8


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