How To Cook For a Man When You Want to Be Dessert


A novel by Mary Dolce

Food, passion, sex, love: ingredients for a happy life, right? But what is the recipe? Renowned TV chef Connie Conti realizes she needs a new formula to balance and heighten the flavor of her life. Bereft of passion and drained by the pressures of her career, she snaps during a family feast. Her emotional challenges resound throughout the entire Conti clan, who are faced with challenges that change the way they cook, eat, live and love. How they assemble their personal “ingredients” while confronting their destiny and arousing their mates parallels the preparation of food and its ultimate consumption.

ISBN: 9780984878703



About the author…

Mary Dolce’s professional accomplishments are rooted in food, primarily as owner and acclaimed baker of Dolci, an award-winning pastry shop in Western New York. She achieved renown as a guest chef on television, where her baking talents were showcased during live international broadcasts including the PBS cooking series, “Plain and Fancy Cooking.” She has also taught classes in baking and pastry making, lectured and demonstrated her craft before diverse audiences. But writing has called her since her youth. She has now merged her two passions, giving voice to the characters through the power and pleasure of food.


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