Set Free: One Man’s Story of Deliverance From Addiction


A religious book by Dan Glushefski

This book is a personal testimony of a lifelong search for acceptance and attempt to end the pain and heartache caused by alcohol, gambling and other addictions. Because of these addictions, Glushefski believed that he did not deserve happiness or a family of his own. It is his hope that by reading his story, others can learn from his mistakes. There is hope for change and a better life.

168 pages

ISBN: 9780578095257



About the author…

Dan Glushefski lives in Clarence, New York, with his wife Maria and their seven children. Dan owns Pilgrim Properties LLC and actively buys, sells and rents real estate. He is founder and trustee of the Matthew Foundation, which raises funds for building projects in countries such as Honduras, Liberia and Papua New Guinea. Dan and his family participate regularly in mission trips, supporting missionaries throughout the world.

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