The Flockless Shepherd


A novel by Gary Friedman

The Flockless Shepherd tells the story of David, who quietly returns to his hometown after failing to establish a music career in Nashville. He avoids all contacts from his past except for his mentor, Jacob, who helps David rise to the top of Buffalo’s nightclub scene. With new success and reconciliation with his family on the horizon, tragedy suddenly strikes, and David finds himself lying in a hospital room, nearing death. He makes a promise to God that if He saves his life, David will spend the rest of it serving Him. After a miraculous recovery, he is visited by a messenger who tells David that he is being held to his promise. Thus begins a journey that will take David from New York to Georgia and back again, touching the lives of everyone he meets along the way.

140 pages

ISBN: 978-1-942483-00-7





About the Author:

A lifelong Western New Yorker, Gary Friedman has a Bachelor’s degree in management/marketing and a Master’s degree in counselor/education, both from Canisius College in Buffalo. His three vastly different careers encompassing seventeen years in retail management, nine years in education, and the past twenty years working for the federal government, have exposed him to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. With the completion of his first novel, he has fulfilled a goal from the very top of his bucket list. Like his shepherd, he has always sought to lift up those around him and touch their lives in a positive way.



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