The Land of Good Deeds


A children’s book by Jeremiah McClain

Illustrated by Sue Hughes

One day, Priscilla’s mother bakes a big chocolate cake. Instead of a small piece, Priscilla disobeys her mother and takes a great big piece of cake. She finds herself in the Land of Good Deeds, where she must do a good deed in order to get home. She and her new friend Tim Ergo travel through the Land of Good Deeds searching for a way to get Priscilla home to her mother. Join her on her journey through this magical land, where she meets elves, trolls and ogres and learns a lesson or two.

36 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9825745-2-2


About the author…

Jeremiah McClain works with trucks most of the time, but he’d rather be writing a song or telling a story. This tale is inspired by his wife, Priscilla.


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