Twelve Towers of Buffalo and what they tell us about today’s city


By William Faught

Explore Buffalo, NY in a new, fun way–by looking at twelve special places, each of which is intimately connected to the city’s history and its people.

Architect and urban planner William Faught has made it easy by using beautiful photographs and minimal text in his new book Twelve Towers of Buffalo (and what they tell us about today’s city).

So, if you like Buffalo and you’re having too much fun in the Queen City to read long, boring stuff…this is your kind of book!

William Faught worked for the Navy, defeated Communism, saved the world, and then moved to Allentown in Buffalo, New York for a better, art-infused life. His first book, Allentown: A Photographic Journey in the Heart of Buffalo, NY won Gold in the gift book category of the prestigious Independent Book Publisher’s Association’s Benjamin Franklin Awards in 2017.

74 pages

ISBN: 978-0-692-96083-7


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